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Apple Product Set Up

You’ve just got a parcel and low and behold it’s your new Apple product. You are really excited to get it set up! You start the setup process but run into a problem and now it is getting frustrating…

The Geek Guys are here to help!

We are able to help set up a range of different Apple products, including iPhones, iPads, iMacs and MacBook’s.

You’ll be right back to taking photos, playing games and writing emails in a jiffy.

Let’s get it fixed

Is your Apple product not working?

If your Apple products are not working as it should then we can help you. Our team are able to work with iPad, iPhone, iMacs and Mac books. Whether it is running slowly, you are out of disk space or you need help setting up a new device, The Geek Guys can help with that and much more.

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Common Apple product issues

Running out of disk space

This problem can affect any computer with a hard drive, and it’s a minor problem at that, but it’s something we can certainly help out with.  Most of the time this can be solved through a few simple steps such as emptying out the trash, uninstalling programs that are no longer used, getting rid of downloaded program images and cleaning up some temporary files.

What if everything is too important to get rid of?

We can clone your current hard drive onto a larger drive or provide computer backup solutions.

Password resets

So you’ve powered up your Apple computer, got your coffee, and you’re ready to send out those important emails.  There’s just one problem, you can’t locate that little black book that has all your passwords in it so you can’t get logged into your Apple computer.

Don’t worry about it, The Geek Guys are here to help!

Whether we reset it using an admin account of our own, or reset it using the command line or another tool, we’ll get it reset and get you back to work.

Once you’re logged in, you can get back to sending out that email.

Broken screen

Oh no! You dropped your device and now the screen is smashed…

Modern smartphone screens break in a variety of ways, but there are typically two types of broken screen repair. If the glass on your smartphone has smashed but the touch screen still appears to be working, it is likely that just the screen (the glass element) needs to be replaced.

If you have a smashed screen and there is either no response on the touch screen or it won’t power on, we will probably have to replace both the glass and the digitiser that sits behind it.

Computer backup solutions

If you have a computer for long enough, this will eventually be an issue. Either your current hard drive fills up, you will want to upgrade to a faster hard drive, or you want a new computer all together.

The Geek Guys are here to help you transfer your data from one drive to the other. The great part about this is you can choose what to keep! You want to clone your entire drive as-is? We can do it!

You only want the important files? We can do it!

The transfer itself won’t take longer than a few hours and then you’ll be right back to work where you left off

Email configuration

One of the most important things for a company in this day and age is email.

Having the right email application can go a long way in improving team communication, client communication, and overall productivity.

The Geek Guys are here to help with configuring whichever email application you or your company chooses to compliment your Apple product. We can help with the first time set-up and use, or help troubleshoot and figure out any issues that occur down the line.

Whatever the problem may be we have you covered.


Have you ever been in the unfortunate situation when you lose photo’s and documents that haven’t been backed up?

This is frustrating and even upsetting. But with an iCloud account to backup all your work documents, contacts, notes and pet photo’s across all of your devices, you have nothing to worry about.

Do you need help setting up your account on all your devices?

The Geek Guys are here to help. Don’t miss out!

Call us now to get yours set up.

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