Be aware of fraud online


Cybercriminals and fraudsters are always going to be out there targeting unwary victims.


If your business is taking payments online via your own payment pages then look out for the following signs as it may be a potential online payment fraud.
1) You fail the address verification check (AVS), the card verification value (CVV) or the 3d-Secure checks.
2) Multiple purchases of the same and/or high value items.
3) Inconsistencies in the purchase data i.e. a UK billing address but a US card and a German IP address
4) Multiple declines relating to the same email address. Billing/delivery address or cardholder name.
5) Unusual foreign card use.
6) Delivery address is in a different country from the billing address.


To prevent your business becoming a victim we can put you in touch with our contact at Worldpay so that you can take your payments more securely.


Don’t leave it to chance that it may not happen to you.


If you would prefer to download the information booklet click on the the button below.