Bogus Boss Scam

We have seen this bogus boss scam for a couple of years and they are now getting better at trying to fool you.

Here are the stories from the BBC and its been updated again recently as well

What is it and how does it work?

In short, an accounts person in a business gets an email from the CEO/Director of that business asking for an urgent money transfer, the accounts person replies and then they are given false bank details and the money is transferred. Why does it work? well the email address like mine above says it from me so would you think it’s not?

Well unless you see the actual email address behind it you would never know. Like with all things IT there are ways of seeing who the email as actually come from, but not an easy task for non-IT people.

So what should you do? If your accounts department would send monies on an email from you the owner/CEO/Director, following up with a text to confirm the transaction.

How have they improved the scam?

More recently I have seen these people actually buy domain names that look very similar to the company ones, so in this case if they bought the domain “” and send an email from it would you have noticed the small change? Would you have thought it was from the boss?

Its very easy to get fooled, so be alert and always double check any payments that are made from the business.

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