How to use an iPad

1) Turning the iPad on

To turn the iPad on press the round circle at the bottom of the screen once. This is called the home button (circled).

2) Entering the iPad

To enter the iPad type in your 4-digit pass-code. This could be your date of birth or a number sequence you can remember.

3) Home screen

On the home screen there are a lot of applications. The ones you use the most will always stay on the bottom of the page to the right.

4) Multitasking

When you use applications on the iPad it will keep them in the background. To clear them, press the home button twice relatively quickly and the screen will go like the picture to the left. Position your finger over the application and swipe up.
This will close the app(s).

Your most used applications will show up on the right-hand side of the task bar.

By default, your messages, safari (internet browser), mail, music and settings will show up on the left-hand side. Sometimes this will not always be the case as every iPad is randomised when the setup is complete.

5) Turning off the iPad
To turn the iPad off there is a button on the top right of the device. Press that once and the iPad will turn off.

The screen will go blank.

Main apple default apps

Safari – Safari is a web browser similar to internet edge or chrome on a laptop /PC.

Mail – The mail application is where you can access your emails from.

Music – The music app is where you can access your bought music from the itunes store or your downloaded music.

Settings – Settings are where everything runs. Within settings you can update the device to the latest iOS update, connect to different internet networks, change notification settings for applications and many more. We advise all users that go into settings to know what they are doing as it can be very easy to break/reset your iPad.

Messages – Messages can work differently on an iPad. If you do not have a sim card you can only message users that have an iPhone and when connected to the internet. If your iPad does have a sim card in it then you can message anyone from anywhere on it.

Facetime – Facetime is useful for video calling friends/ family so long as they have an iPhone.

Contacts – To start using Messages or Facetime you will need to go to contacts and create the user. To add a new contact, go to the + in the top right corner of the screen > enter name > add phone > enter number. When done tap “Done”. When you would like to speak to someone through Facetime or Message someone through messages go to the search bar and type in the users name you have just created. It should then be displayed.

Calendar – Calendar can be used to remind you of upcoming events once you have added something.

Clock – The clock can be used to check times from around the world, set alarms, set timers and time tasks through the stopwatch.

Camera – The camera can be used to take photos on your device. You have one camera facing you and one facing away.

Photos – Any pictures you take from your camera can be found in photos along with the location, date and time.

Maps – Maps are useful if you are going on a journey but you’re not sure where to go.

Find My – Find My is useful for seeing where your friends / family are so long as you have given them access to see you and they have given you access to see them. Another use for Find My is tracking down your device(s) if you have lost it.

App Store – The app store is where you can download various applications such as games, utilities applications and much more. Some apps are free while some will charge you a small amount for the initial install.

Tips – Tips updates after every new update. Within tips it will give you small guides on how to utilise your iPad a lot more especially if you’re not sure how to do certain things.

On your iPad there will be other apps such as calculator, pages, compass, files and many more. These you can look into and give them a try if you would like to.