Setting up your Voicemail message.


To setup your Voicemail message on your telephone handset you need to dial 1571 from your phone and follow the instructions to record your message. Once the caller leaves a message, it will be emailed to you.

You will require your personal PIN number to be able to change the message. If you do not have this number then contact us and we will let you know your number.

When you dial 1571 there will be a message giving you the following options:


  • Press 1 for new messages
  • Press 2 for old messages
  • Press 3 to setup the voicemail message


Select option 3, this will give you a further 3 options as follows:


  • Press 1 to record a new message
  • Press 2 listen to your current message
  • Press 3 delete your current message


Remember to follow the instructions that are given at each stage so that your message will be saved.

Once saved test that it has worked by calling the telephone number and listening to your new message.


Points to remember before you record your message.


Write out the message that you want beforehand.


Practice reading through your message out aloud a few times. You can then change the wording if required and this will avoid you hesitating when you are actually recording your message. This will make the voicemail message sound professional.


Remember to speak clearly so that your message doesn’t sound mumbled.


When you actually come to record the message be aware of your surroundings as you will pick up background noise ie a door slamming shut, people talking, the radio on in the background.

We suggest that you go into an empty room to avoid distractions.