BBC Watchdog revealed how some small business owners in the UK had been targeted by hackers on the social media platform Instagram, which is owned by Facebook. After taking over the businesses’ accounts, the hackers emailed the business owners to demand a response. If they were ignored, they threatened to delete the content and followers.

How to keep your account secure:

  1. Strong Password – Make sure you use a strong and secure password. It is recommended that the password is a combination of long, random strings of characters. You can use a password manager (LastPass), password managers can be used to set up an account where you can safely store your passwords. They can also be used to generate secure passwords and make it easier to log into websites once you have saved your login details within the password manager.
  2. Two-factor Authentication – Instagram and many others now offer the option to enable two-factor authentication, with it turned on, you will be prompted to use a second means of proving your identity when ever you log in. These include: using login codes from an authentication app, text message code from your mobile phone or even scanning your finger print or using your face ID.

For more information on creating stronger passwords, setting up a password manager or how to set up two-factor authentication don’t hesitate to contact us.