Windows 10 IMAP Mail Setup

Click add account then click other account at the bottom to set up Imap


Then type in your Email address your password and lastly the send messages using this name and click sign in your mail should all load up if you have used this account before but let the mail sync it can take a few moments. If you haven’t used it before and it is new there should be nothing in there and then you are all set.


You may be asked for additional information and if so, you will need to fill in your incoming and outgoing host details and your username.

If you are one of our email customers, please contact us to get the information that you require.


If you would prefer to download the step by step guide click on the the button below.

If your still having issues, please contact us and we can provide you a quote to help you set it all up or do it for you if you are one of our customers.