Here’s what you can do to work from home more safely.

Update your software

Because you aren’t in your office, your company could have a harder time keeping your software updated automatically. And you might not realise it, but professionals whose job it is to stop hackers say that keeping your software up to date is one of the most important things you can do.


When software companies release updates that fix security flaws, they’re essentially handing hackers a key that helps them access devices running the older version of the software. If you update your software, you’re changing the locks, and it’ll be a lot harder for hackers to get in.


It’s not just the applications running on your phone or laptop that need updating. You can also make sure the operating systems on your devices are up to date. Even routers need to be secured, though router makers often install these updates automatically. Companies like Netgear and Google were asked to ensure that people who are relying on home internet for work, health and education are using secure routers.


Of course, there are potential drawbacks. Software updates themselves can sometimes cause problems on your device, breaking programs that are essential to your job or making your device unusable. These problems, however, typically get noticed and addressed quickly. So if you must wait to make sure there aren’t any surprise problems with the update, go ahead, but don’t wait too long.