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Virus / Malware / Spyware removal

We can test and remove any viruses found on the machine. We also have very competitive prices for anti-virus options for your business, keeping you secure.

Are all your business PC’s / MAC’s secure and running perfectly?

We can help to ensure all the computers in your business are running smoothly and efficiently. We put on remote accessing software, so should you have a problem, we can remote in and fix it for you. Save you cost on on-site visits and gets you up and running asap, keeping your business running without any down time. We offer maintenance and Pay as you go packages, so you can keep track on your finances as well.


Is your current server getting old and slow, we can help with replacing it with a new one which we can tailor to your business needs – you never need to pay more than you need to and we will work out the best needs for now and the future and advise accordingly. We can even setup the server out of hours, so your business has limited downtime. We can supply physical servers to your site or you can access your server via the internet in a secure hosted environment.

Remote support via Teamviewer

We have teamed up with teamviewer and use their corporate edition to support our customers, we can remotely support you on your PC, MAC, Server and many mobile devices, so keeping you and your staff at maximum productivity.

Phones / Tablets

We can set these up to access your business applications, servers and emails and advise on the best value options to get enhance your business requirements. You can also have all of your office applications on your devices and the data between them synchronised, so making you more efficient at the office, home, in fact anywhere.

Network cabling

If you need one extra network point or a complete room cabling we offer it all. We can advise on the best way to do the install at the lowest cost to the business, but always with a clean professional finish.


Is your camera system not always connecting or running slow, we can set it up so it all connects properly as we work with many CCTV installers to make sure the DVR setup is perfectly done and setup on your mobile devices.


Issues setting up and using sage on your machines, or you would just like to share it in the office, we can help with that and make sure it is all backup.


Voice over internet is a better way of handling calls to and from your business. The systems are fully scalable and can grow with your business. For more information please click here.


How secure is you data, your priceless pictures and what would happen if you lost your computer or the hard drive failed or had a virus, ransomware attack? – we have many different options for backing up your data from units that will stay on site to on-line backup to give you total piece of mind. For more information on cloud backup click here.

Office 365

We offer the office 365 package, for more information click here


Not sure on the best printer for your business or just would like the right one so you can print and scan from your computer, we can advise on the right one for your business and set it all up for you and your colleagues to print and scan without any issues. We even setup Dot-matrix and specialised printers for some of our clients who need to use these devices within their businesses.