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New Computer or software

You may have a new PC, laptop/notebook, software or printer and you don’t know how to start installing it. Why worry? Call your computer super heroes and this will be carried out in your home or business and then tested for your satisfaction.

Computer issues

Whatever the issue, whether the computer is just not working, running slow or has got a virus, we will come to you and fix your issues. We will perform virus and spyware checks. Our expertise covers the full range of interconnected services between computers, software, network, servers and the total broadband experience.

Upgrades and repairs

Whether you are upgrading your computer to make it perform faster or buying a new one, we can assist with the installation and setup. We can transfer all of your old data and setup your machine as you like it, fully running and stress free for you.

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Broadband and Networking

We can assist you with Networking for access to information on other computers/printers that you may have within the home or office.

Do you want to work from your garden on your laptop on a sunny day? Haven’t got a clue about setting it up or just can’t get it to perform correctly? Not to worry because here at the geek guys we can help you to set up a wireless network.

We will visit your home or place of work and install your wireless router, printer and configure the settings to keep your data safe and secure away from prying eyes.

Security and Backup

How safe are you or your children when surfing the web? Do you worry that they may be going onto inappropriate sites by accident or without your knowledge?

Child security is important to us and at the geek guys we can set up Parental Controls so your children are safe while surfing the net. With the increase in identity thefts we will also help you keep all your personal information safe and secure.

We can offer software that would restrict the sites that can be visited and a full report would be available. Ideal for children who have exams coming up and need to concentrate on their work instead of other distractions.

Have you ever thought about what will happen if you had a flood or fire at your premises? What about all those digital pictures or important financial data that could be lost . How would you cope with the loss?

We have years of experience of data backup and we can tailor the solution to work within your needs and budget. Starting from as little as £99 per year you would be foolish not to do it. It is better to get it setup before and not risk losing your data then be the person who regrets never having backup in the first place until it is too late and the memories have been lost forever.

One to One training

We believe the best way to get the most of your computer or tablet enjoyment is to understand how to use it. You would not drive a car before having lessons so why should you try and use a computer and struggle with creating and saving files, watching videos, listening to music, setting up your emails or mobile phone.

We will devise a custom training session for you, come to your home and teach you at your own pace on how to get the best out of your computer and equipment.

Many people go on courses to learn about how to use a computer. They spend hours of time and money and when they get back home they find that their machine is setup differently; the options are in different places and then the frustration begins.

The geek guys are techies that you can talk to and we will not use computer jargon, just plain English to make sure you fully understand how to make the best of your computer and the software that you use.

We have a vast knowledge of many different computer operating systems and application software so you will know that the training given will be beneficial to you.

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iPhone, iPad or iPod Setup

Whether you are buying a new iPhone, iPad or iPod or upgrading your old one, we can help with the transfer of your information and set it up to work with your PC or MAC.


We offer a friendly onsite service and are available at times to suit you and your lifestyle. Whether it’s day, early evening or at night, we will always be able to fit you in to our schedule.

Advice and Guidance

At the geek guys and with our expertise spanning over the last 30 years, our aim is to give our customers clear real word advice and guidance. This is why we have an excellent reputation.

For any computer issues, large or small, give your computer super heroes a call!

Call: 024 7699 8229